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  • Welcome from Brett Frazier!!

    A welcome from new Executive Director Brett Frazier

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    Memorial and Honorarium Giving

    Click here to visit our Memorial and Honorarium giving page for recognition of those who have donated on behalf of the special people, pets, or occasions in their life.

    Help Me, Heal Me Fund

    Your contributions to our special medical fund, "Help Me, Heal Me," enables us to help those animals most at risk and in need.  Help us to help them!

    Pet of the Week!

    105.9 The Hog: Listen every Monday as The Hog announces a new adoptable pet of the week! You can also see them all week long at The Hog's web site!

    99.9 WJVL Pam Garland-Gjestson speaks with Mike Austin every Monday morning! Listen between 7:30-7:35 am to hear all about this week's pet of the week. You can also see a video at WJVL.com.

    Businesses That Support Us

    Learn more about businesses that support RCHS.
    Beloit Family Eye Care sponsors one of our Best Buddy cats each month. Best Buddy cats have their adoption fee paid by a local business sponsor - helping them to find their forever homes even faster. To learn who this month's Best Buddy cat is, visit Beloit Family Eye Care or stop in to RCHS!

    Who's Helping Animals

    Kenalynn and Mylissa

    Thank you SO much to Kenalynn and Mylissa who collected donations for the animals!

    Lost Pet Search

    Lost your pet?

    RCHS is the stray holding facility for many municipalities within Rock County. If you've lost your pet, there are many things you can do to help them get safely home and RCHS is here to help.


    1. Come to the shelter to fill out a lost report. We will ask you some questions about your pet's physical description, the area s/he went missing, and your contact information. We can then check your pet's description against animals which have been brought into the shelter, and reports of found animals made by other community members.
    2. Bring a photo with you when you come to the shelter, or email one to us .
    3. Search your area! In most cases your pet has not gone far. Indoor cats are usually hiding within 3-4 houses on either side of where they got out. Ask neighbors if you can search on their property. Your pet may be within hearing distance, but not come out when you call because they are scared.
    4. Put posters with your pet's description and your contact information up in the area your pet went missing. Also ask local vet clinics if you can post flyers in their lobbies or reception areas. Click here for an online poster designer or visit the Missing Pet Partnership for more information on how to make an effective poster.
    5. Visit the shelter often - we will walk you through our stray animal areas. Although we do our best to match incoming animals with lost pet reports, it is often difficult or impossible for our staff to make a positive identification. YOU are your pet's best chance at being reunited. You can come as often as you like.
    6. If you are missing a dog, you may also find the web site Save The Hounds, or the Lost Dogs of Wisconsin facebook page helpful.

    Search for your lost pet

    This search allows you to look for your missing pet among the stray animals brought to RCHS. These animals are not available for adoption - if you are looking to adopt an animal, please use the adoptable animal search instead.

    You can specify the date you lost your pet to leave out pets found before your pet was lost.

    In addition to checking our website, come into the shelter to file a Lost Report as soon as possible and visit often to look for your lost pet in person.  It is often difficult to get accurate pictures and descriptions online and nobody knows your lost pet better than you!


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